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Wongan Hills team committed to Ute-It, Don’t Boot It

If there was one thing the team at Elders Wongan Hills in WA takes to heart, it’s the safety of their customers, especially when they leave the store.

The business, which sits in the middle of Western Australia’s wheatbelt, has taken out this month’s Agsafe Achievers Award for the staff’s outstanding commitment to the safe transport of farm chemicals.

Branch Manager Jeff Brennan said chemical sales make up a large percentage of the business, catering to predominately wheat, barley, canola and lupin farmers.

He said Agsafe’s Ute-It Don’t Boot It campaign remains a crucial tool for reminding customers about the safest way to load and transport their agvet chemicals.

“The most important thing we get from Agsafe is awareness. It’s easy to get a bit complacent, especially in the busy day to day running of the business, and Agsafe reinforces the need to have those systems in place,” he said.

“We make sure nothing is overloaded, make sure everything is strapped on, correct signage is displayed and roped on. All those sort of those things.”

“We’re all very aware of that and we explain that it’s our responsibility, it’s in our chain of responsibility and we reinforce that.”

Mr Brennan said Merchandise Saleswoman Sue Armstrong organises the team’s Agsafe training. He said Sue’s enthusiasm has helped the team embrace safety messages.

“Sue has been in the industry for 25 years – she’s very experienced,” he said. “Full credit to her, she does a good job. And she actually likes it which makes a big difference!”

Western Australia Agsafe Facilitator Bevan Henderson said Sue and the team are one of the most professional teams in the wheatbelt.

“They’re aware of things and understand the need for visits. Nothing is too much trouble and the facility is clean,” he said.

“Herbicides, insecticides and other chemical products are all segregated correctly and staff know what needs to be done. The whole presentation is impressive.”