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Walcha Veterinary Supplies raises the bar

If anything could be said about Peter King in Walcha it’s that he takes the time and careful planning to make sure his work environment is the best it can be for his staff and customers. And those efforts have paid off after winning the Agsafe Achievers award this month for his work at Walcha Veterinary Supplies.

Opening the new store in November last year, Peter spent a lot of time to make sure he got it right.

“I have wanted to move to a new site for years,” he said. “When I finally found the right block of land, we then spent about 12 months designing the building and about another 12 months in construction.”

In designing the store, Peter did his homework. “I travelled around NSW and visiting other sites, seeing what worked and what didn’t. I also wanted to build for the future so the business had room to grow,” he said.

Agsafe Facilitator Phil Tucker was very impressed with the new store. “The relocation allows for expansion and complies with safe storage practices and improved workplace health and safety. A tremendous amount of planning has gone into the site and it will serve the needs of the local community for many years,” Phil said.

“Peter King and his staff at Walcha Veterinary Supplies are to be congratulated for their focus on customer service and safety at their new development.”

Peter wanted to make sure both people and vehicles could move about safely and efficiently when he was designing the store. As a result, the site has ample parking so entrances can’t be blocked.

“We also have an awning down the side of the shed that acts like a drive through, allowing customers to pick up without having to get wet if it’s raining” Peter said.

“In addition he created a fenced off viewing area in the warehouse to allow customers to see what they wanted without moving into a forklift zone.”

The new Walcha Veterinary Supplies store also has a specifically designed unloading area for trucks.

But safety was not the only thing on Peter’s design list, with the environment also being considered. “The shed captures rainwater which is used for toilets and the like and the warehouse lighting is designed to save power,” Peter said.