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VOCAM Training

Agsafe has entered into an agreement with VOCAM Worldwide Publishing to provide short online modules to Agsafe members who need a quick update.

Under the points system, Agsafe members can enrol in VOCAM training courses to maintain Agsafe accreditation.

VOCAM are providers of multimedia online e-learning within the field of workplace health and safety.

VOCAM training provides Agsafe members with the ability to complete relevant training courses in a time frame that suits them and their workplace, ensuring they continue to meet legal requirements under WHS regulations.


VOCAM courses cover a variety of topics. Agsafe recommends choosing a topic that is relevant to your role to ensure that it’s eligible to receive Agsafe training points, and so you have a positive learning experience. If in any doubt, please contact Agsafe to discuss which courses are relevant and the amount of points you can receive.

  1. Choose your VOCAM course from the list below* and complete the online Enrolment Form.
  2. Agsafe will process your application and contact you via email once it’s finalised.
  3. Payment is required prior to completion. Agsafe will forward an invoice to your business address.

Courses available

Asbestos Awareness
Communicating Safety in the Office
Confined Space Safety Essentials
Driver Fatigue Management
Electrical Safety Essentials
Ergonomic Essentials for the Office
Fire Safety for Industry
Forklift Safety Essentials
Forklift Stability Essentials
Harmonisation – Key Changes That Affect You
Hazardous Chemicals – GHS Classification & Communication
Hazardous Substances Safety Essentials
Health and Hygiene Essentials for Industry
Health and Hygiene Essentials for the Office
Height Safety Essentials
Leadership: Being Proactive in Safety
Lift Truck Pallet Movers and Trolleys
Lockout Tagout Making It Safe
Manual Tasks for Industry
Office Building Fire Safety High Rise
Office Building Fire Safety Low Rise
Office Fire Prevention and Response
Office Manual Handling 2010
Office Manual Tasks and Hazards (WHS Harmonisation)
Office Safety for Today’s Workplace (Australian WHS Harmonisation)
Outdoor Maintenance Professional Part 1
Outdoor Maintenance Professional Part 2
Outdoor Work – Heat and UV Exposure
PPE Essentials
Quality and Safety
Risk Assessment for Industry
Risk Assessment for the Office
Risk Management Safety Essentials
Safe Driving for Work: Best Practice
Safety Awareness
Shift Work Safety Essentials
Slips, Trips and Falls
Time Management
Understanding Eye Safety at Work
Understanding Safety at Work
Understanding Safety in the Office
UV and Heat Awareness
Warehouse Manual Handling 2010
Warehousing and Storage Safety Essentials
Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Workplace Environmental Awareness
Workplace Fire Prevention and Response


*VOCAM has more courses available for completion, however they may not earn you Agsafe training points. Please contact Agsafe if you have any queries.

Completing the course

You only have a single attempt at a VOCAM course, so make sure you do the following:

  • Read the question carefully as it may be asking for more than one answer. For example, “tick which answers …” as opposed to “tick the answer …”
  • Consider exiting the course and returning to it later if you start to feel distracted. You have a maximum of 30 days to complete the course before your enrolment expires.
  • Each e-learning course contains a quiz comprising 10 questions. This is to ensure that you absorb and remember the information that you are listening to and reading. Make you you remain undistracted when completing the quiz to give yourself the best opportunity to learn.

Finalising the course

  • At the end of the course, Agsafe will be notified that you have finished. There is no need to do anything else.
  • Agsafe will issue you with a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Payment must have been made for your certificate to be processed.

Technical support

  • If you experience any technical issues while completing a VOCAM course, follow the online procedure for reporting problems.  The information you are asked to submit is sent straight to VOCAM, not Agsafe.
  • In the event that you misplace your password information, you can retrieve this directly from VOCAM through the e-learning system.