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About Our Training

Agsafe training is for staff working in the rural chemical supply chain who handle, store and give advice on agvet chemicals. Our training provides an understanding of relevant regulations so you can safely fulfil your obligations under ‘duty of care’.

The program also educates staff on how to provide advice to the chemical end user that is consistent with legal obligations and advice from relevant government departments.

Agsafe training is not designed for those using chemicals, such as farmers and spray contractors.

In 2013, Agsafe introduced a training points system so our members can maintain their accreditation with a wider choice of training options. For your accreditation to be current, you need to have a minimum balance of 100 points.

The Agsafe learning pathway consists of 3 steps:

Step 1

Induction Course

This online course is designed for brand new staff who are completing their first weeks on the job.

Note: The Induction Course does not result in Agsafe accreditation and is not compulsory.

Step 2

Agvet Chemical Supplier Course

This brand new course is aimed at those that have been in the agvet industry for about 12 months and builds on the knowledge gained in the Agsafe Induction Course.

The Agvet Chemical Supplier Course replaces the Agsafe Personnel Accreditation (Basic) Training Course which is no longer available.

Step 3


Students have several options when it comes to maintaining their Agsafe accreditation.

Agvet Chemical Supplier Course

Students who have completed the former Agsafe Personnel Accreditation (Basic) Training Course can enrol in our brand new training course for reaccreditation.

Agvet Chemical Manufacturer and Supplier Course

This course can also be completed for reaccreditation by people working at agvet manufacturing companies.

1080 Bait Supplier Course (Victoria)

This course is specifically designed for stores wishing to supply 1080 pest animal baits in Victoria.

VOCAM training

Agsafe has a range of short online modules available for those that need a quick update. This is suitable for reaccreditation only.

Click here for the full range of available courses.

Other relevant training

If you have completed any other training in the last 12 months that assists you to do your job safely, then Agsafe may be able to count this towards your reaccreditation.

Click here to see how points are awarded and apply to have your training recognised.

Click here for more details on any of our courses.

For further information on Agsafe’s training policies, refer to the Agsafe Training Admin Guide for Participants.

In-house training

If you have 5 or more people who wish to train and a large room, then Agsafe can come to you! We offer discounts on in-house courses. For more information, email