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Points System Explained

Agsafe has implemented a new accreditation system to improve the services it provides to the agvet chemical industry.

The new points framework provides a flexible and encompassing training environment for members, enabling them to easily meet OHS and WHS obligations.

Eligible course types

To be recognised for Agsafe reaccreditation, courses must be consistent with the objectives of Agsafe training, which are:

  • To provide education in the areas of risk assessment, risk management and product stewardship
  • To enable the employer and employee to maintain a safe workplace

While it’s impossible to know if every course is eligible for Agsafe reaccreditation in advance, we’ve developed a set of criteria which must be met to achieve recognition.

Criteria Explanation

Points awarded

Course has a risk management or an agvet industry stewardship focus Is this course based on identifying or managing risks in the workplace, or the principles of a stewardship program?


Course provides important information to safely and effectively carry out your role Is this course essential to carry out your role safely?


Course covers an aspect of the agvet chemical industry. For example, storage of chemicals, animal health, chemical use or hazardous substances Does this course cover a topic specific to agvet chemicals?


Course is similar to, or longer than, the duration of an Agsafe reaccreditation course. For example, 1 day in the classroom or a minimum of 4 hours work online Does this course meet or exceed the duration of an Agsafe reaccreditation course?


Competency based training recognised by the AQTF will be worth more points Does this course provide a Statement of Attainment on successful completion?



Note: For a course to be Agsafe eligible, it must have been completed within the past 12 months.

Agsafe training focuses primarily on ensuring safety within businesses where agvet chemicals are stored and handled. Our services cover both the safety and compliance of the actual workplace, as well as training for individual personnel.

On successful completion of an Agsafe training course, individuals become Agsafe accredited and are awarded Agsafe training points.

Agsafe training is focused on managing risk within the agvet chemical environment, and as such, Agsafe recognises training that has a similar basis and outcome. For example, Agsafe prioritises forklift, chemical end-user, dangerous goods, advanced driver, first aid, fire safety and OHS/WHS training.

Competency based training places emphasis on what a person can do in the workplace as a result of completing a specific training program. Competencies are offered by many registered training organisations and can be found here.

Not included in the new training framework

Only vocational training (not academic qualifications) will be accepted by Agsafe for recognition. This decision has been made to increase participation in workplace relevant training, that will in turn assist member businesses to readily comply with OHS and WHS regulations.

Points validity and expiry for non-Agsafe courses

  • Points will be awarded when you have completed the selected course.
  • Points decrease (by 100) on an annual basis on a student’s anniversary date. For example, if you were awarded 300 points on the 1st of January 2013 , your points will reduce to 200 on the 1st of January 2014 .
  • Training must be completed if points drop below 100.
  • An Agsafe reaccreditation course must be completed every 5 years.

How to have your course recognised

To have a course recognised and be awarded points, you will need to complete the Points Request Form. Agsafe also requires evidence of completion such as a Statement of Attainment or a Certificate of Completion. If you do not have any evidence, please give us a call – there may be other ways we can assess your training.

Once you have submitted the Points Request Form and supplied supplementary evidence, Agsafe will assess your application and advise you if your course qualifies for points under the Agsafe system.

Once we have determined how many Agsafe points you are eligible for, we will notify you of your success, update your records in our database and forward you an invoice ($82.50 including GST) for each course you request points for.

In the event that no points can be awarded for your training, we will inform you and advise of our appeals process. Agsafe will provide information on the grievance procedure in the near future.