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Points Request Form

 19 April 2016: the following form may not work, please contact the Agsafe office to lodge your points requests until further notice.

Points Request Form

The following form is for people wanting to use non-Agsafe training to gain points for Agsafe reaccreditation i.e. for people who are already Agsafe accredited.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Please note: A separate fee applies to each course that you wish to have recognised with Agsafe points.

Personal Details

/ / (DD/MM/YYYY)

Business Address

A tax invoice will be sent to the address provided below.

Mailing Address

 As Above Different Address


Name of non-Agsafe course completed.

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Supporting evidence

Please attach copies of relevant documents (such as certificates) to support your claim.

Supporting evidence must show your name, the course provider, the name of the course, the date of successful completion and applicable units of competency (if any).