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Training ensures safety and compliance

With the backing of one of the biggest rural service providers in the world, Landmark Launceston, winner of this month’s Agsafe Achiever Award, has the autonomy to run their branch from a local level.

While Landmark’s history in the agricultural industry spans 175 years, the company is relatively new to Tasmania.

“Since opening in 2012, Landmark Launceston has obtained a strong following in a competitive market due to their small team of experienced, local people,” said Agsafe Facilitator David Eyles.

Branch Manager Adrian Rattray credits this with choosing the right products to suit their market and negotiating with suppliers on products that clients need to grow their productivity and profitability.

“The majority of the team’s work starts at a grass roots level, so they can see firsthand what they require and find a solution,” said Mr Rattray. “Our sales people are on clients’ farms every day, working with them to ensure we understand their needs.”

A former beef and dairy farmer, Mr Rattray has 14 years’ experience in agribusiness. In addition, every member of the merchandise team has a strong farming background.

Both Mr Eyles and Mr Rattray agree that Agsafe premise accreditation is essential to maintaining a high level of safety.

“As a respected agribusiness it’s important to show our customers and the industry that we are committed to the highest level of compliance,” said Mr Rattray.

“David always finds things that are overlooked and ensures that we are up-to-date with new legislative and legal requirements,” he added.

Agsafe-trained staff know what to look out for and can use their experience to help induct new staff safely into the workplace. Agsafe training reminds staff to be vigilant with their work and aware of hazards in the workplace.

One of the easiest things to overlook that Agsafe training addresses is good record keeping.

“It is all well and good to do all the right things, but if you don’t record it you have no proof if you are unfortunate enough to have a serious incident in the workplace,” said Mr Rattray.

While it’s also simple to assume staff know about safety in the workplace, everyone has a different understanding of what is right and wrong.

“It’s critical that we train staff correctly and consistently. No matter who you are, there is always something that you can improve on,” said Mr Rattray.

“David understands our business and delivers training in a practical and informative way. The process is easy with very minimal disruption to our busy workplace,” he said.

Agsafe praises Landmark Launceston for their commitment to implementing new training ideas and record keeping procedures.