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Tidy store snatches national award

As the old saying goes “a clean home is a happy home” and it’s a motto that staff at Lindsay Rural in Shepparton have adopted for their workplace.

The shop has been awarded July’s coveted Agsafe Achievers Award for not only being one of the safest but also being one of the tidiest in Victoria. Administration officer Leeona McCulloch has made it her mission to make sure the store is the cleanest and safest it can be for customers and workers.

“I do it because it is important,” she said. “When you work with chemicals and fertilisers you have to make the workplace safe and make sure you don’t have those things mixing or spilling,” she said.

The store had humble beginnings in a tiny site in Mooroopna where staff had to cope with cramped conditions before they were moved to a bigger site in Shepparton.

Agsafe Accreditation Facilitator Elizabeth Hak said the store now boasts a larger display area and a bigger warehouse which have all been approved by Agsafe.

She said Leeona’s organisational skills and attention to detail were key in the store being awarded the honour.

“Leeona has brought a lot of organisation into what can be a hectic industry. There is a place for everything and everything is always in the correct place. The store is always immaculate, even between official Agsafe visits,” she said.

“Lindsay Rural is also very strong procedurally. There are implemented policies and procedures for all elements of the Agsafe Code of Practice and accurate documentation and record keeping help make the audit process so simple. “

But being a bit of a neat freak hasn’t won Leeona any fans at work.

“Everyone thinks that I’m the person who’s very particular and pedantic about everything with procedures and rules,” she said.

“But I do try to keep everything neat and tidy and everything where it should be, along with dusting and clearing cobwebs. Those things need to be done, so it’s a nice environment to work in.”

Leeona said it was nice to be thanked for something she does every day.

“When you do things right all the time it’s nice to be acknowledged that you’re actually doing a good job,” she said.

The Agsafe Accreditation and Training program is an industry initiative that assists agvet chemical businesses to comply with government regulations and industry standards.

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