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Tassie Achiever takes OHS seriously

(L-R) front row: Malcom Davey, Sarah Carins, Susan Nichols, Emily Bonar.
Back Row: Nathan Saunders, Kent Rattray, Brendon Davey, Jeffrey Kitchin, Russell McDougall and Craig Walters (Area Manager).

Every Agsafe Facilitator wishes there were more managers like Craig Walters.

As the senior manager for Scottsdale Elders in Tasmania for the past six years, Craig has helped his store take-out the first Agsafe Achiever Award for 2013.

Craig, who is also on the Tasmania Elders OHS Committee, said that making sure his business is compliant is one of most important aspects of running a business.

“We take compliance extremely seriously,” he said. “You only have to look at the little things that go on around the place with small accidents that could potentially be bigger accidents.”

Craig said his staff also makes workplace safety a high priority, especially when it comes to handling agvet chemicals.

“Our staff often have to quote Agsafe’s ‘Ute-it, Don’t Boot It’ motto,” he said.

“Someone’s mother comes in to pick up some chemical with their car and it’s not good practice. But a lot of customers are now Freshcare accredited, so the client base is becoming more aware and safety conscious as well.”

Craig said Elders promote a culture of safety in the workplace which clearly identifies a duty of care for all employees.

“We have an incident escalation flow-chart and it’s all done online and those reports go to all the people in the business who need to know straight away,” he said.

“The phone will ring within 30 minutes of me hitting the Enter button to make sure that the person is alright. They want to know it all and it’s fantastic.”

The business recently outgrew its old premises and moved down the road to a site with a bigger warehouse and more car parks. Craig said the new site allowed for better safety practices.

“Trucks can now enter the yard and be isolated in a dedicated zone. The yard’s all been marked, painted and lined. All the things that we unsafe about the old business are super safe here,” he said.

“Everything that you can possibly want and wish for has been done. It’s increased our business as well and at the end of the day, that’s what you need.”

Tasmania’s local Agsafe Facilitator David Eyles said Craig has set the bar for a model Agsafe business.

“In my opinion, they’re the best Elders in the state,” he said. “I drop in to this store when I am in the area to catch up and have a coffee and I’m always greeted warmly.”

“All staff embrace the Agsafe principals and readily take on board any advice given by myself regarding WHS.”

“The store is always clean and well presented with all paperwork laid out so as to make the process run smoothly.”