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Taking responsibility for safety

Meet Scott Formston, Managing Director of Temples Transport in Western Australia and our first Agsafe Individual Achiever.

Mr Formston was introduced to Temples in 2001 when he was hired to manage the day-to-day operations of the company.

“I was always impressed by the diversity of the market sectors which Temples operates within and the number of long-serving staff,” said Mr Formston. “When the opportunity to be a private investor in the company presented itself in 2004, I was the first to put up my hand.”

These days, the company is involved in a number of very unusual logistics tasks.

“We catch poultry, deliver animal feed, consolidate and transport herbicides and pesticides for the agchem industry, as well as transport waste for local authorities.”

Mr Formston has previously worked in the quarrying, concrete, transport and precast industries.

As a result, he is well aware of the need to fulfil the requirements of transferring dangerous goods and recently completed Agsafe’s Agvet Chemical Supplier Course for initial accreditation as a series of three webinars.

“The modules were some of the best I have come across in 30 years of WHS activities. Being a central hub dangerous goods warehouse, some of the material covered didn’t affect our business, but it’s good knowledge that I can pass on to my colleagues.”

Mr Formston believes that sharing information with others completing the same course allows everyone to learn from each other.

“It was great to hear that the issues I’ve been experiencing at my site were also being experienced by others within the industry. When identifying how to comply with various aspects of legislation, there’s a lot of room for interpretation. By talking to other chemical users and handlers, you can’t help but pick up a ‘bit of wisdom’ from someone else that may have already solved your problem.”

The company prides itself on developing strong long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and staff.

“Our longest continuous supply relationship with a customer just clocked over 52 years. Our longest serving driver has over 44 years’ experience and we have a large percentage of staff with over 20 years’ service.”

Mr Formston is keen to build on the strong relationship Temples already has with Agsafe.

“Being involved with Agsafe ensures Temples staff are trained in the most up-to-date legislative requirements in the agvet chemical industry. It’s a selling point to prospective new customers.”

Mr Formstom recognises that customers of today want to deal with suppliers who take risk and compliance responsibilities seriously.

“We’ve noticed over recent years that the legislative changes in many of our areas of business are moving fast. No longer can any business rely solely on day-to-day operations people being fully informed of WHS, dangerous goods codes, environmental compliance or the new chain-of-responsibility transport laws. That is why we hired Dennis Johnstone as the Risk, Quality and Compliance Manager last year – so we can meet safety expectations.”

Agsafe congratulates Mr Formston on his outstanding achievements.


Scott Formston (far left) with the Temples distribution team (from left): Lindy Ford, Lou Tutura, Stephanie Thomas, Peter Anderson, Sarah Lynn and Steve Green.