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Total Ag Services Dirranbandi is the winner of this month’s Agsafe Achiever Award, and owner/director Greg Nicol could not be more pleased.

“We are an independently owned store with no affiliations to anyone. Our involvement with Agsafe affords us an ability to talk to someone when in doubt.”

Agsafe facilitator Wayne Sear was impressed by the level of commitment to work health and safety shown by a small independent business.

“The staff at Total Ag Services Dirranbandi understand their obligations to safety and it shows in the way they carry out their duties.”

Since establishing the store in November 2007, owner Greg Nicol and office manager Lezette Engelbrecht along with storeman Willem Myburgh, have been providing a comprehensive range of cropping inputs for the Lower Balonne farming community. The store offers top quality agronomy services, fertiliser, seed, insecticides and herbicides – “and probably the best coffee in town,” Ms Engelbrecht quipped.

“Agsafe has helped us identify and highlight the right way to do things,” she said. “Many of the products we sell and use on a day-to-day basis can be dangerous. Agsafe training has educated us in the use and storage of all pesticides, as well as reminded us of our obligations to provide a safe workplace and environment for our customers.”

Mr Nicol said, “When in doubt or in need of advice, we can talk to Agsafe’s Queensland Facilitator, Wayne Sear. We have found him to be an effective and understanding communicator.”

Total Ag Services Dirranbandi is in total agreement – Agsafe training has helped them to focus on, and improve, many of their safety and compliance systems.

The Agsafe Accreditation & Training program is an industry initiative that assists agvet chemical businesses to comply with government regulations and industry standards relating to the safe handling and supply of agvet chemicals.

For further information about Agsafe’s programs or to have your store Agsafe accredited, simply head online to

AA Award Feb

Greg Nicol, Lezette Engelbrecht and Willem Myburgh of Total Ag Services Dirranbandi