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Remaining compliant is simple with Agsafe

This month’s Agsafe Achiever has a mantra when it comes to making sure customers and staff are safe in the workplace: it’s simple – remain compliant.

It may sound easier said than done for a lot of businesses, but for Robert Turnbull owner of Turnbull Fuel and Produce in Moruya in NSW, it’s about being honest and upfront.

The business caters for the dairy farms and the expanding hobby farms around the south coast.

Mr Turnbull said chemical sales only make up a small part of the business, but Agsafe fills more than just chemical safety and handling obligations.

“When our Agsafe Facilitator George comes in, he basically covers similar things WorkCover goes into,” he said.

“It’s made it a lot of easier for us with WorkCover because it also complies with everything Agsafe ticks off.”

Despite agvet chemical sales making up five percent of his business, Mr Turnbull said he cannot afford to opt out of the Agsafe program.

“We want to remain compliant for our safety obligations in regards to our customers and our staff,” he said.

“Agsafe keeps me up to date with rules and regulations. When George comes in and if there’s something we’re doing wrong, we fix it.”

Agsafe Southern NSW Facilitator George Kinniburgh said he first noticed Mr Turnbull’s true commitment to the safety of his staff and customers during an Agsafe training course.

“During the discussion about changes in Agsafe he had some very complimentary comments,” he said.

“He related a visit from WorkCover to inspect gas and fuel installations cylinders and afterwards they noticed chemicals.”

Mr Kinniburgh said Mr Turnbull showed them his storage and copy of the Premises Checklist which had been signed off by both parties.

“WorkCover were very impressed,” Mr Kinniburgh said.

“Rob is a pleasure to visit as he is always well prepared and does not know the meaning of procrastination if there are any items requiring attention.”

Mr Turnbull said Agsafe’s training and advice is invaluable.

“We conduct on-going training with the staff and we get them up to date with the Agsafe training,” he said.