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Store Manifest for Agsafe Members

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About Store Manifest® Chemical Compliance Manager
The storage, handling and transport of chemicals including pesticides, pose significant hazards to human health and the environment. Consequently, all involved parties are required to comply with stringent legislative, occupational health and safety (OH&S) and industry obligations relating to the transport, handling and storage of chemicals.
Store Manifest Chemical Compliance Manager is a web-based compliance application, backed up by comprehensive training.
Features & Benefits of Store Manifest® Chemical Compliance Manager
Store Manifest® Chemical Compliance Manager for Rural Stores is an easy to use web-based system, which provides a suite of tools to address all aspects of chemical compliance for rural stores. It is designed by industry experts to suit all organisational structures, from the most simple to the most complex.
Store Manifest® Chemical Compliance Manager provides:
  • Rapid and effective compliance with OH&S and legislative obligations relating to the storage and use of chemicals
  • Interactive, accurate and automated record keeping of chemical storage and usage
  • Improved efficiency due to rapid fulfilment of compliance obligations
  • Off-site secure storage of all information to minimise risk of data loss
  • Ability for integration with emergency services for rapid, informed and targeted response in the case of an emergency
  • Capacity for the management of multiple premises

Store Manifest Compliance Manager simplifies chemical compliance by providing:

  • Real time access to the most up to date chemical product information
  • Simplified operation planning and management
  • Ability to be implemented in stages
  • A simple user interface
  • Access to crucial information directly from smart mobile devices
  • No software updates at the users’ end


Training for Store Manifest® Chemical Compliance Manager
Store Manifest Compliance Manager training is the quick, simple and stress-free way of acquiring in-depth knowledge about Store Manifest Compliance Manager. It is conducted as a live webinar (web-based seminar), four times per week.
It does not require any special computer skills and there is no limit on how many times you or your staff can participate. It also serves as a product support mechanism because attendees can ask specific questions.


Subscription Costs for Store Manifest® Chemical Compliance Manager
Access to Store Manifest® Chemical Compliance Manager for Rural Stores is provided on a subscription basis. The annual subscription cost depends on the number of users, premises, chemical storage areas within each premises and stored chemical products.
All Agsafe members are eligible for a significantly discounted subscription. Each Agsafe subscription package, regardless of the product limit, will include:
  • Safe Storage Subscription Management for Rural Stores of two chemical storage areas
  • Two additional users (in addition to the primary user)
  • Access to Pest Genie’s advanced problem solver tool
  • Three months free access to chemical product information via smartphone (IPhone, IPad, Android)
While the Store Manifest© system is not specifically required to achieve Agsafe accreditation, Agsafe recommends its use as a valuable tool in the safe and compliant storage and supply of agvet chemicals. All subscriptions purchased are an arrangement between MSDS.COM.AU and the individual purchaser, for which Agsafe is not liable.