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Eligible Premises

Is your business eligible?

Agsafe Scope of Accreditation

The Scope of Accreditation provides business owners with a guide to whether their business needs accreditation or not.

Accreditation is designed to assist those businesses and individuals who handle, sell, recommend or take responsibility for the safety and storage of agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

These chemicals are defined in the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code and include:

  • Schedule 5 poisons
  • Schedule 6 poisons
  • Schedule 7 poisons
  • Hazardous substances
  • Dangerous goods.

And those which are not:

  • Dairy sanitisers or cleansers in outlets which do not supply any other agricultural or veterinary chemical products
  • Products exclusively for home use including those for companion animals when sold in outlets catering exclusively for home use
  • Nutritional pre-mixes and supplements for animals
  • Nutritional pre-mixes and supplements for animals
  • Insect repellents for use on human beings
  • Substances listed in Schedule 3 of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Regulations (examples are mould inhibitors used in paper and glue manufacture, fungicides, bactericides or deodorants in footwear or clothing, soil ameliorants if there is no claim to have effects as regulators of plant growth, invertebrate pest management lures based on food, cut flower preservatives, hay inoculants, predatory insects, industrial biocides)
  • Swimming pool products.

The Accreditation & Training program does not cover:

  • Products used and sold by veterinarians and where these products are being wholesaled to veterinary practices
  • Veterinarians and veterinary wholesalers where the quantity of non-exempt agricultural and veterinary chemical does not exceed 500 litres/kilograms.

Examples of premises that may require accreditation are:

  • A manufacturer’s storage premises
  • A transport or distribution warehouse
  • A retail warehouse
  • A retail store supplying horticulture, orchards, farms, councils, golf courses or any use other than home gardening
  • An aerial operator’s premises, which also acts as a reseller.

Some examples of premises for which accreditation is optional include:

  • any supermarket or retail store which supplies chemicals only for home garden use
  • any farmer holding products only for use on their own farm.

For a list of currently accredited members,visit Our Members page.