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Courtesy visits

Agsafe Advanced businesses can now apply for a free courtesy visit from their qualified Facilitator to discuss any compliance issues.

Courtesy visits are intended to provide ongoing support for stores who have moved to the four year Advanced level of Agsafe accreditation.

Members will be free to ask any questions relating to their businesses’ compliance with State and Federal law as covered by the Agsafe Code of Practice.

These visits are not compulsory for members on the four year cycle. Stores are allowed one visit during their four year cycle – preferably around the two year point.

Member businesses will not risk their accreditation status by taking part in a courtesy visit.

The visit

An Agsafe Facilitator will contact you when they are next going to be in your area.

Courtesy visits are part of your Agsafe membership and are provided free to maintain contact and provide assistance with your compliance needs.

Managers are free to ask any questions about their compliance during the visit which relate to the parameters of the Agsafe Code of Practice.

Facilitators will not inspect the site as part of the courtesy visit, unless requested by the manager.

Managers are recommended to complete a premises checklist beforehand to highlight any areas of concern.

Visits are approximately 30-40 minutes in duration.


Mid-cycle visits are free as a courtesy to stores.

Any other visits requested during the normal Advanced cycle of 4 years will attract a fee.  Stores will be charged a flat rate of $85 (plus GST) for a visit of approximately 30-40 minutes for any supplementary visits.

Post visit

Agsafe does not require any formal paperwork as a result of the visit.

If it has already been two years since you received your last Agsafe visit and you would like a courtesy visit, please get in contact with your Facilitator or with Agsafe directly on (02) 6206 6888.