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Achieving Agsafe Advanced

Agsafe has introduced a new level of premises accreditation called Agsafe Advanced.

The new Agsafe Advanced level is to reward those locations achieving a high standard of compliance. Locations meeting the Advanced criteria will move to a four year accreditation cycle and have lower costs associated with maintaining accreditation.

Other locations not meeting the Agsafe Advanced criteria can still be Agsafe accredited but will remain on a two year premises accreditation cycle – Agsafe Essential. These locations will be charged on a cost recovery basis for the cost of this visit. Agsafe is keen to encourage all of its members to achieve the highest standard.


What Criteria must be met to achieve Agsafe Advanced?
  • All locations requiring accreditation must be able to finalise any corrective actions WITHIN 21 DAYS from the date of your Agsafe Facilitator visit
  • Evidence MUST be produced to support the signed report that is returned to your Facilitator
    • evidence can include photo’s, written documents, proof of work or receipts from third parties and statutory declarations.
  • Reports must be signed off by managers or a manager’s delegate
  • Corrective actions must be deemed acceptable against the Agsafe Code of Practice by the relevant Faciltator

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