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Paperwork key to keeping store safe

If there’s one task in a job that everyone usually hates doing it’s the paperwork.

But when it’s an essential part of making sure workers are safe, nothing is more important. And it’s the reason why rural merchandise store Robert Limited in Oatlands Tasmania has been named September’s Agsafe Achievers.

Oatlands Branch Manager Jarrod Moore said documentation is the starting point for keeping procedures and practices in place for safe workplaces, especially with chemical handling.

“It’s number one on our radar, our highest priority. Keeping the paper work organised is a big part of being safe,” he said.

“We made it a main focus for the work to be more user friendly for everyone here. Our staff can come into the office, grab the index to all our paperwork and find what they’re looking for rather than sorting through all bits of paperwork.”

Jarrod said selling chemicals is becoming a big part of the business, catering for the booming sheep sector for both wool growers and lamb producers.

“It’s been increasing over the past few years. It started off with not too many sales going into the weed and pest market but were developing that as we go,” he said.

Tasmania Agsafe Facilitator David Eyles said the store has done an exceptionally great job putting paperwork together for both audits and manifests for chemical handling.

“The recommendations I put to them are always acted upon in the timely fashion,” he said. “They’ve implemented everything and their paperwork is spot on. It’s a credit to Jarrod and his store.”

Jarrod said the whole team is involved with the risk assessment in the workplace.

“I am the risk assessor, but I suppose everyone in our workplace is an assessor too. Because we’re only a four man operation everyone needs to be on top of it, in case someone’s away,” he said.

“We’ve got one field representatives and two sales assistants. Their role is anything from helping the customers with sales through to product procurement, store layout, merchandising – you name it. You got to be jacks of all trades.”

“I’m keen to making sure everything is above board and on track.”