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New business makes its stake in safety

A brand new rural business in Townsville, Queensland has taken out this month’s National Agsafe Achievers Award.

Northern Rural Group’s new store racked up the accolade in chemical handling and safety, barely six months into trading.

The business predominately caters to graziers for their animal health products with a small amount of domestic chemical products.

Administration Officer Jodie Stockham takes care of the Agsafe Store accreditation while also organising training for some of the staff who handle and sell the store’s agvet chemicals.

“We got great support from Agsafe when we were starting up,” Ms Stockham said. “And working with our Agsafe Facilitator, Allan Porter was really helpful, he’s full of information.”

Branch Manager Geoff Beaumont  has known Allan for almost 10 years and says the training is a great way to refresh your knowledge on safety.

“I’ve only got positive things to say about the trainers and facilitators and how they conduct themselves,” he said. “I’ve just done re-accreditation. Part of the online training involves an in-store visit which reinforces the things you learn online.

“Allan has been really good. I found it really helpful. He gives you a good understanding of work safety practices in our industry.”

Queensland Agsafe Facilitator, Allan Porter said despite being a new the store, the premises has met most of its responsibilities in chemical safety and handling.

“There are always a few things new premises need to tackle before they are fully accredited,” he said. “But they have all processes in place to ensure these things aren’t missed.”

“I’m really impressed with the attitudes of staff at Northern Rural Group, who remain professional and studious with their chemical safety responsibilities.”