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Landmark store Kings of Kingscote

A Landmark store on Kangaroo Island has taken out this month’s Agsafe National Achievers Award after safety improvements were made at their recently relocated store.

Landmark Kingscote Merchandise Manager Greg Harvie said the old store was moved to a newly constructed site away from the ocean to avoid any potential environmental problems.

(L-R) Greg Harvie (Merchandise Manager) , Fiona Stanton (Sales Support Merchandise) and Talisa McArdle (Sales Support Merchandise).

“The old store was directly across the road from the supermarket and everything ran down into the ocean, which was less than a kilometre from where we were. Our warehouse was basically a 6-car garage,” he said.

“Now, with this set-up, we have a fully bunded yard with our traps so we can contain any spill. The shed is fully bunded and brings us up to where we need to be.”

Mr Harvie said the relocation has also improved business, with farmers no longer having to head into town to do their chemical purchasing.

“Business is going quite well. We’re in a good position just on the outskirts of town which sets us up really well. A lot of farmers don’t have the hassle of driving right into town anymore,” Mr Harvie said.

Mr Harvie said the advice from Agsafe has been helpful and he believes the training should be applied to farmers, not just rural merchandise staff.

“Agsafe’s general OHS and storage of chemical training have really helped us. Just knowing where things go and helping set-up our warehouse was the best thing we have taken from the training,” he said.

“The basic course should almost be mandatory for farmers and should be a part of their ChemCert course. As a farmer I’ve done the ChemCert course a couple of times and I reckon there was a lot of stuff I had gained from the Agsafe course that really helped.”

Agsafe’s South Australian Facilitator, Peter Tsouris said the store has invested a lot of time and money into making major improvements which have paid off.

“While they’ve moved away from the town centre and the ocean, they’ve also improved their traffic management system,” he said.

“One of these improvements includes all staff carrying push button remotes that open the main gates, saving a lot of time and energy.”

Mr Tsouris went on to congratulate the team at Landmark Kingscote.

“Their general attitude is great. Spending on the improved infrastructure has gone a long way for the team at Landmark. I congratulate them for their efforts.”