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Coolah store a ‘Jack’ of all trades

Mathew ‘Jack’ Ticehurst from Coolah NSW knows that running a business is hard work, but running a multi-purpose business brings additional challenges, especially in safety.

As manager and part-owner of a rural merchandise store, Haynes Farm and Hardware in Coolah, Mr Ticehurst knows safety is a priority when handling potentially dangerous agvet chemicals in the workplace.

The store, located on the main street of Coolah (disputed home of the Black Stump), was awarded July’s Agsafe Achiever Award for dedication towards safety training in chemical handling and storage.

(L-R) Rod Cunningham, John Irvin, Wayne Thrift, Lauren O’Neill, Sarah Witton, Katie Weis, Lee-anne Ticehurst, Allan Hayne, Heidi Ord, Kieran Wesley, Ed Blackburn, Wayne Burgess, Jack Ticehurst, Roxanne Sheridan and Gary Coleman.


Mr Ticehurst said his business caters for farmers from a range of fields, including winter and summer cropping and livestock.

“Safety is extremely important for us. We pride ourselves on it,” he said.

“When chemicals leave here and they are distributed out onto the farm, whether its agchem or animal health products, we make sure we’re doing the right thing for our staff and customers.”

The business shares space with a hardware and grocery store which sits on the main street of town.

Mr Ticehurst said chemical sales account for more than 50% of his business, so making sure he and his staff were up to date with Agsafe training was crucial for his reputation as a manager.

“Our staff understand that training is a necessary part of reassuring us about our OHS efforts,” he said. We’re big on OHS and training pushes the issues to the forefront again.”

Mr Ticehurst said the visits by his local Agsafe Facilitator, Phil Tucker were an added bonus to his accreditation.

“I’m really pleased with the professionalism behind Agsafe and its role in pushing the key issues in safety. Phil is very professional and we take a lot from his advice and try and implement that professionalism into our business.”

Mr Tucker said the team at Haynes always put their time aside to do their online training.

“Online training is an important part of the accreditation process for those in the rural supply industry,” he said. “It suits a lot of small businesses who may not have the time to send their employees away for training,” he said.

“The team at Haynes always strive to be ready to complete their training before I arrive for their assessment.”

“Showing this dedication, the team have embodied Agsafe’s new motto: risk management, responsibility – your reputation.”

Mr Ticehurst said the award will mark a highlight in his 22 year career in the ag services industry.

“I always wanted to be a high achiever and be on top of safety,” he said. “To receive the accolade is really exciting not just for myself but staff as well. They put a lot of work into safety and professionalism.”