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Continual improvement key to success

Landmark Wagga Wagga, this month’s Agsafe Achiever, believes the industry benefits from strong stewardship.

Established as a Dalgety business and now operating under the banner of Agrium, Landmark Wagga Wagga has grown significantly over the years to become a large multi-activity business supplying services in livestock, wool, real estate, insurance, merchandise and fertilizer.

The store serves a wide range of customers, with the majority being mixed farmers. Canola, wheat, barley, pulses and pastures account for most of the cropping in the region, while lamb, sheep and beef cattle drive animal production.

The business also incorporates a distribution centre servicing the Landmark network and wholesale members and customers of southern NSW.

Landmark Wagga Wagga has been a keen supporter of Agsafe for many years.

“We see Agsafe as a critical partner in achieving our safety goals,” said Branch Manager Peter Dorsett. “As well as providing an industry-wide stewardship program with the premises accreditation process, Agsafe is one of our major providers of training.”

Mr Dorsett believes Agsafe has changed the way he manages the business for the better.

“Training provided by Agsafe and Landmark has made me much more aware of my obligations to my 25 staff members and our customers. It’s important to meet compliance objectives and ensure staff and visitors are aware of the potential hazards of the site.”

Agsafe facilitator Wayne Sear said, “As a large premises with a significant quantity and variety of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals, Landmark Wagga Wagga has more storage challenges than many other premises. What impressed me most is the staff commitment to continual improvement. From management to logistics, everyone is interested in doing things a little bit better. This is a great culture stemming from years of strong leadership.”

As a manager, Mr Dorsett relies on Mr Sear to ‘keep him out of jail’ by informing him of Australian standards, WorkCover and legislative information on important compliance matters, all of which are essential in running a complex business.

“While most managers or owners may not look forward to an Agsafe premises assessment, we look forward to the corrective actions list provided after the visit. Corrective actions lead to incremental improvement in our approach to safety.”

Mr Sear points out an example of Landmark Wagga Wagga’s unwavering commitment to improvement.

“The use of incidents – both from their own branch and from further afield – as a means of reviewing and learning further builds a safety culture and ongoing consultation develops strong controls and solutions to risks.”

The store’s commitment to safety recently earned them the title of ‘Landmark’s safest branch in the nation’ in the Landmark MD Safety Awards. This adds to a collection of accolades, including Agsafe’s ‘NSW Store of the Year’ in 2000.

“Our success reflects the attitude of staff. We believe that safety affects everyone and we all have a place to play in making our workplace a safer place to be,” said Mr Dorsett.

In addition to agribusiness, the branch has collected over 5,000 drums through the drumMUSTER program to raise money for Country Hope, a local charity which provides family centred support programs to country children diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Agsafe Achiever September

The Landmark Wagga Wagga team (from left): Matt Manning, Peter Lee, Dan Hardy, Peter Dorsett, Scott Morrow and Troy Mitchell.