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Committed to customer safety

If there’s one thing the team at Bartec Rural Services takes to heart, it’s safety.

The small locally owned and operated Queensland store has taken out this month’s Agsafe Achiever Award for outstanding staff commitment to providing reliable advice and a safe environment for their customers.

Store Manager Ron Cover said chemical sales make up a large percentage of the business since the store is located in Bowen, a horticultural area known for its extensive tree and field crops.

In operation since 1988, not only has the store been a major supplier of agvet chemicals to the region, it is also known as the pumping, irrigation installation and maintenance specialist to many of the growers in the area.

Safety and compliance is a team effort. Each of the 11 staff members are responsible for managing and maintaining parts of the system, including any corrective actions issued during an Agsafe premises assessment.

“All staff at Bartec Rural are encouraged to participate in Agsafe accreditation for two main reasons,” said Mr Cover. “To keep them and the premises safe, and to ensure they have the knowledge they need to provide accurate advice and information to customers.”

Mr Cover believes that being Agsafe accredited provides customers with the satisfaction of knowing his staff and management are dedicated to safety.

“Many of our major growers use our business’ Agsafe accreditation as part of their own workplace health and safety auditing and procedures. We proudly display our Agsafe certificate in the store and will readily provide a copy to the customers who require it for their own quality audits.”

Wayne Sear, Agsafe’s Queensland facilitator and trainer, said Ron and his team are one of the most safety-conscious and professional teams in the state.

“It was apparent during my recent audit of Bartec Rural that a safety culture permeates all levels of this independent CRT store. New ideas around compliance and safety are considered carefully and acted on quickly. Perhaps Ron’s many years of service as a volunteer in the local fire brigade has helped – but I think it’s just a passion to do things well.”

Agsafe audits also include a review of documentation and procedures.

“At Bartec, these were complete and robust,” said Mr Sear. “As the staff strive for continual improvement, any recommendations are quickly followed and appreciated.”

Mr Cover believes Agsafe enhances the capability and safety of the store.

“Our business prides itself on being able to provide the best products and service to our valued customers – going through Agsafe training and assessment means we can be confident that we’re up-to-date with best industry practice and can continue to maintain our great relationships with our growers. Working with Wayne was a breeze – he’s very approachable and informative.”

Photo caption: The Bartec Rural Services team (from left): Ron Cover, Carolyn Douglas, Tim Flynn, Michael Land, Travis Andison and Max the Jack Russell.

The Bartec Rural Services team (from left) Ron Cover, Carolyn Douglas, Tim Flynn, Michael Land, Travis Andison and Max the Jack Russell.