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Chemical safety a key priority

A variety of improvements, coupled with a commitment to safety, has earned Landmark Murray Bridge this year’s first Agsafe Achiever Award.

Situated about 80 kilometres southeast of Adelaide off the South Eastern Freeway, Landmark Murray Bridge has been operating for over 30 years catering to the broad acre cropping, animal health and horticulture markets.

Nicola Walsh, who works in Sales, Support and Merchandise, believes that being Agsafe accredited helps her to keep her customers safe.

“We often get feedback from our customers that they were unaware of the dangers associated within some of the chemicals they use until they see us handle them differently or give them paperwork identifying ‘dangerous goods’ status.

“We have signage on the site showing we are Agsafe accredited, however the customer more often receives the benefits of our accreditation without them knowing how we gain our up-to-date knowledge and expertise.”

Besides ensuring a safe environment for staff and customers, being a member of Agsafe also has many other benefits.

“Our Agsafe facilitator Wayne Sear assists in finding the balance between meeting safety requirements and functionality in the workplace,” said Nicola. “If we have a problem, he helps us find a custom solution to fit our store. So far he has improved our store layout significantly, making product selection easier.”

Wayne, who services all Landmark stores across Australia, said the team at Murray Bridge have an excellent attitude towards compliance.

“The Murray Bridge branch, which falls under Landmark’s High Risk Premises Program, is a well organised and operated store on a large site with a variety of products spread across a number of buildings. Because of this, the site presents some challenges, particularly with traffic management.”

Adopting a program of continual improvement has seen a number of historical issues resolved and the site is working much better than it did previously.

Wayne said, “It was only after I commenced the audit and discussed various issues with Branch Manager Phil Venus, Nicola and the team, along with the Landmark MOC Sue Sheehan, that it became apparent how many improvements they had made over the past few months.

“The few issues we identified together were embraced and solutions discussed in a positive and enthusiastic manner. Plans are under way to ensure any deficiencies are quickly resolved. This is definitely a store on the up and up.”

Nicola believes Agsafe training enhances the capability and safety of the store.

“The biggest take away message we’ve learned from our association with Agsafe is that ignorance is no excuse. Through Agsafe training, we have been able to better understand what is required by us as a business. As a result, we have been able to refine workplace procedures to ensure chemical safety is part of our daily routine instead of another job.”

The Landmark Murray Bridge team (from left) Sean Matthewson, Nicola Walsh, Robert Peake, Phil Venus and Dave Millan.

The Landmark Murray Bridge team (from left): Sean Matthewson, Nicola Walsh, Robert Peake, Phil Venus and Dave Millan.