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Agsafe training comes in handy

There’s little that Shaun Healy from Territory Rural in Darwin doesn’t know about the rural merchandise business, having worked in the industry for more than 15 years.

But when it comes to having the proper tools and training to deal with hazards, Shaun admits that Agsafe has helped him with the knowledge that he has today.

Shaun and his staff of two were awarded October’s National Agsafe Achievers Award for their commitment to keeping their store safe for customers and workers.

Shaun said Agsafe has played a big role in achieving a safe and productive work environment.

“Without a doubt, Agsafe has given me the tools to identify hazards and problems in the workplace,” he said.

“The cleaner and neater you can keep your stock control the safer and more appealing it is. I just think customers expect you to be clean and present your products properly. It just portrays you as being more professional and I think it’s something you always need to be doing.”

Shaun has been in merchandise sales for more than five years for Territory Rural and has plenty of experience in other rural stores.

Working in a small team of three the store caters to a range of horticulturalists, hay producers, spray contractors and station clients who produce for the live export market.

Shaun said sales assistants Heidi Millership and Cody Hollingsworth, along with the recently appointed General Manager Steve Liebelt, were great additions to the team.

And with Agsafe’s Northern Territory Facilitator Allan Porter training, being compliant with chemical handling and WHS laws is a lot easier to maintain.

“Allan is really good,” he said. “He discusses things with us, he doesn’t tell us what we need to do but he’ll give us really good proactive advice on what we should be doing.”

“For new people it could be pretty daunting, it’s a fair bit of training to try and get through. But he’s done a good job of making them feel comfortable, helping them to learn what they really need to know.”

Allan said he’s known Shaun since he first started accrediting NT stores in 2006. He said it’s tough for stores in the top end who have to deal with the tyranny of distance on a day to day basis.

“Territory Rural have done a lot of hard yards in the past five years since they got the store up and running and it’s a big part of why I nominated them for the award,” he said.

“Being so far away from clients, planning for a seasonal product line is a big part of their business. So keeping products organised is not only professional but smart practice.”