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Agsafe releases webinar on approaching introduction of GHS

GHS regulation will come into force in NSW, SA, NT, ACT and QLD on 1 January 2017. Any business involved in the manufacture or commercial supply of agricultural and veterinary chemicals will need to be compliant by that date.

The introduction of GHS in Australia reflects a move to an internationally recognised system of harmonisation for the classification of chemical hazards already made by many countries. GHS is legislated as part of WHS regulation adopted by these states.

To inform members, Agsafe has put together a webinar which provides members with a run-down on GHS – what it is, why it is being implemented and what Agsafe members will need to do to be compliant by the commencement date.

Agsafe encourages members to listen to the webinar presentation to ensure they understand what GHS means for them.

Both Victoria and Western Australia have made the decision not to move to GHS at this stage, however we encourage Agsafe members in those states to be mindful that they will see GHS labelled products and will therefore need to understand new GHS pictograms and terminology.

Click here to listen: GHS Webinar


Please contact Agsafe on or 02 6206 6806 should you have any follow-up questions.