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Agsafe Achievers Award May 2012: Morrison Bros.

David Morrison and the team at Morrison Bros are not only safety professionals; they are now national award winners.

Along with co-Manager and brother Robert, Dave’s dedicated crew have combined to win the May 2012 Agsafe Achievers award.  Running a prominent stock and station agent in a small country town is a big responsibility, but the family connection has strived to ensure safety comes first.

“We are rapt to win the Agsafe Achievers award, which has been helped by the fact that we don’t have a lot of staff turnover here,” he said.

“Hazard identification has been the biggest thing for us over the past couple of years, and we’re always upgrading things here. Workplace safety and safe storage, including forklift safety, are things we put a lot of effort into and it’s really satisfying to get some recognition!”

Southern Victoria Agsafe Accreditation Facilitator John Fennell has helped the store flourish in the past few years and he has been mightily impressed with the efforts of the small but dedicated team.

“David and Rob have driven the Agsafe process with thoroughness and an excellent attention to detail,” he said.

“Staff members Andrew Uren and Ricky Barbary are involved in all of the procedures and together they make a really great team.”

The Agsafe Accreditation and Training program is an industry initiative that assists agvet chemical businesses to comply with government regulations and industry standards relating to the safe handling and supply of agvet chemicals.  For further information about Agsafe’s programs or to have your store Agsafe accredited, simply head online to