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Agsafe a vital tool for Kadina store

Using the right tools to manage risks and to make sure your customers and staff are protected is important for businesses.

Staff at YP AG, Kadina South Australia, who were awarded this month’s Agsafe Achiever Award, say being Agsafe trained and accredited is one of the best tools available.

YP AG Branch Manager, Jamie Fennell said the store services a broad-acre market with agvet chemicals accounting for about 90 per cent of the business. He said remaining compliant is essential.

“Agsafe is a tool for us to use. It’s a tool to help us help ourselves. If something goes wrong we’ve got all the procedures in place and we’re in the clear,” he said.

“You have to abide by the guidelines and Agsafe is only there to help you.”

Mr Fennell said they recently built a new shed on the block for holding chemical stock.

“We don’t have the facility to store that much chemical,” he said. “We get chemical in and get it out on farm as quickly as we can so there’s a very big turnover.”

Mr Fennell said their local Agsafe Facilitator Peter Tsouris is great at providing the constructive criticism they need to improve.

“He’s very helpful. He gives a lot of constructive criticism and we’ve been well and truly getting our act together in the last few years,” he said.

“We’ve got a few procedures in place and have a WHS committee that meets once every month.”

Mr Tsouris said the team at YP AG are committed to making improvements.

“No business is perfect, but what sets Jamie and the team at YP AG apart from everyone else is that they have the foresight to realise the problems quickly and have taken steps to rectify situations,” he said.

Along with their commitment to Agsafe, Mr Fennell said the store also promotes local drumMUSTER collection days to their clients.

“We get the drumMUSTER signs and run it in our monthly newsletter. We even have a sign on the front door letting them know when the next muster is.”


The team at YP AG Kadina. (L-R) Karl Milde, Kim Shearer, Jamie Fennell, Sam Knight, Michael Reichelt and Andrew Munzer.