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Accreditation essential for safety

Mackay Rural Supplies knows all about safety and service. Combine this knowledge with state-of-the-art facilities and you have the April winner of the Agsafe Achiever award.

Now in its tenth year of operation, Mackay Rural Supplies is a locally owned agribusiness which has been servicing Mackay and the outer regions of Queensland with all their rural needs since the 1920s.

Becoming a member of the CRT group in 2001, the store has access to a wide range of products and provides fertilizer, agvet chemicals and merchandise to the central sugar region; and fencing, animal health and management gear to the grazing industry.

Branch Manager Andrew Weeks said chemical sales account for a large percentage of his business. He believes that responsible stewardship of agvet chemicals is something everyone involved in has equal responsibility for.

“I’m always very aware that such regular handling and familiarity with potentially very dangerous products tends to breed a comfort zone that we really can’t afford to have,” said Mr Weeks.

“Agsafe accreditation serves as an excellent reminder that you can never take your eye off the ball. But also when things do get past you, Agsafe is able to provide the answers to bring you back to speed.”

Mr Weeks believes it’s important to utilise the resources provided to him and is confident his customers are familiar with Agsafe.

“While we don’t wave it in their faces, the ‘Ute it … don’t boot it’ campaign, drumMUSTER and the other handling requirements we have as standard procedure certainly assist with the awareness of the Agsafe brand,” he said.

Queensland facilitator Wayne Sear said the fourteen local staff employed by store owner Bruce Drysdale form one of the most professional teams in the state.

“Chemical products are segregated correctly and the staff know what needs to be done. Nothing is too much trouble and the facility is always clean,” said Mr Sear.

Mr Weeks said, “I see Wayne’s job to be one of assistance, not enforcement, and this works well for all involved.”

Mackay Rural Supplies has enjoyed a close relationship with Agsafe for many years, with all staff completing training on a regular basis.

“The Agsafe accreditation program is essential in our business to implement the guidelines for the safety of everybody from our staff to visitors, suppliers and customers, and this is achieved by our staff being Agsafe accredited,” said Mr Weeks.

“Every time I sit down to complete a module, I’m aware of both my responsibilities and exposure. Agsafe training tends to focus your mind pretty quickly.”

Photo caption – Mackay Rural Supplies staff (from left): Roland Millie, Linda Mittelstadt, Kathleen Michallef and Steve Hughes.

Mackay Rural Supplies