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Accreditation is achievable

A variety of improvements, coupled with a commitment to compliance and safety, has earned Coonamble Ag Supplies this month’s Agsafe Achiever Award.

Working under the leadership of new manager Graham Pickering, Coonamble Ag Supplies has undergone a significant transformation as the independent store works towards being accredited.

Mr Pickering, who was previously a Weed Officer for the Castlereagh Macquarie County Council, has been quick to implement the Agsafe accreditation program.

“My support for Agsafe has always been a priority,” he said. “Being in a small rural town, it can be easy to accept ‘close enough is good enough’, but our team are keen to demonstrate a process of continual improvement.”

Previously, the business did not achieve accreditation. Since then, Mr Pickering has put into place plenty of documented systems and procedures.

“Phil Tucker, our Agsafe facilitator, noted corrective actions which we could act upon during his last visit,” he said.

“Since then we have replaced the signs he identified as faded with brand new signs, covered the open inspection pit, checked the safe load limits for our pallet racks, and reviewed our placarding.”

Mr Tucker said, “Graham’s enthusiasm to ensure a safe and compliant workplace, regardless of the size of the operation, is fantastic. His team responded to my recommended actions with haste and is now constantly on the lookout for things they can improve within the store.”

Coonamble Ag Supplies was established in 2009 and the staff are committed to helping farmers with their chemical, animal health and merchandise needs.

The team – Mr Pickering, John Hurley, William Landers, Allan Jordan and Melinda Roach – credit the success of the store to the support of loyal customers and organisations such as Agsafe who ensure businesses meet their obligations.

“Without an accreditation scheme in place, stores would try to cut corners. Agsafe provides the industry with the guidelines we strive to maintain and surpass,” said Mr Pickering.

“It’s encouraging to know that there is recognition out there for the effort and commitment we have put into our compliance and safety here at Coonamble Ag Supplies.”

Now that the store is compliant with Agsafe’s Code of Practice, their next aim is to improve staff awareness of important safety issues.

Photo caption – Staff at Coonamble Ag Supplies (from left): Graham Pickering, Allan Jordan and Melinda Roach.

Agsafe Achiever